What is the third stage of Corona and what are the benefits of Lockdown

What is the third stage of Corona and what are the benefits of Lockdown.

Hundreds of Millions Go Into Lockdown in India as Coronavirus Measures Come Into Force

By Monday, a huge number of individuals in any event 75 regions and four states across India were under necessary travel limitations until at any rate March 31. Inhabitants in urban communities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad were forestalled by government decrees from leaving their homes, as were individuals in the conditions of Punjab, Maharashtra, Assam and Kerala. On Monday, India's railroad administration, which as of not long ago conveyed about 25 million travelers for each day, reported trains would stop running until March 31 at the most punctual. Furthermore, air terminals across the country were everything except left after a prohibition on approaching flights came into power late Sunday. 

With only 402 affirmed instances of COVID-19 and seven recorded passings, the flare-up is less best in class in India than it is in a significant part of the remainder of the world, where recorded cases have passed 360,000. That could be somewhat because of India's hotter atmosphere — despite the fact that specialists state it's too soon to tell. In any case, what they can be sure of is that solitary 15,000 tests have been completed in India up until now, and they are concerned the infection could be spreading undetected in the nation's numerous thickly populated urban zones, taking steps to overpower the nation's open medicinal services framework.In some areas of India, the corona has reached the third stage.The good thing is that in some states it is from Stage 1 to 2.

What are these stages?

First stage : For Example

Nawankur came from abroad. He did not have fever at the airport. He was allowed to go home. But he was given an affidavit at the airport that he would be imprisoned in his house for 14 days. And when fever comes, it will contact this number.Going home, he followed the conditions of the affidavit.He was imprisoned in the house.
He even kept distance from the members of the household.

Nawankur's mother said, "Hey, nothing has happened to you". Do not remain isolated. After so many days you will get home food in my Kitchen… Let me serve hot food for you.
Nawankur refused.

The next morning, Mummy again said the same thing. This time Nawankur got angry. He shouted to Mummy. Tears appeared in Mummy's eye. Mother felt bad.
Nawankur continued to remain isolated.

On 6-7th day Nawankur started having symptoms like fever, cold cough. Nawankur called the helpline. Corona test was performed. He turned positive.
His family members were also tested. They all turned negative.The neighborhood was most questioned within a 1 km radius. All such people were also tested. Everyone said that no one saw Nawankur coming out of the house.
Since he isolated himself well, he did not spread the corona to anyone else.
Nawankur was young. The symptoms of corona were very minor. Just fever, cold cough, body pain etc. After 7 days of treatment, he recovered completely and came home after being discharged from the hospital.

The mother, who had felt bad yesterday, is celebrating today, that there was no corona all over the house.This is the first stage where the corona is only in a man from abroad. He did not give it to anyone else.

Stage 2- For Example
Corona turned positive in Raju. 
He was asked all the information of his previous days. That information showed that he did not go abroad. But he has come in contact with a person who has recently come abroad. The day before yesterday he went to a jeweller to buy jewellery. There Sethji recently returned from abroad.

Sethji came from abroad and did not have fever at the airport. That is why he was allowed to go home. But his affidavit was made to be filled, that he would remain completely alone for the next 14 days and would not leave the house. Will also stay away from family members.
This proud Seth, who came from abroad, dismantled the affidavit filled at the airport.He got the most at home.
Eat your favourite vegetable in the evening.And the next day he went to his jewellery shop. (Are you crazy! It is the season's season, there are millions of sales, jeweller Saab will not close its shop)

On the 6th day the jeweller got fever. His family also got fever. The old mother was also among the family members.
Everyone was investigated. All came out positive in the investigation.That is, a man from abroad is himself positive.
Then he also made the housemates positive.

In addition, he came in contact with 450 people in the shop. Such as servants, customers etc.One of them was Raju.
All 450 people are being checked up. It is a second stage even if there is a positive in them.The fear is that every one of these 450 people may not know where they went.

Overall, Stage 2 means that the man who has entered the corona positive did not go abroad. But he has come in contact with a person who has recently come abroad.

Stage 3, For Example

Ramsing was hospitalized due to cold cough fever, there he came corona positive.But neither did Ramsing go abroad.
Nor has he come in contact with anyone who has recently come abroad.That is, we do not know the source now that Ramsing finally found a corona from where ??

In Stage 1 the man himself came from abroad.

Stage 2 knew that the source is Sethji. We tested Sethji and every person who came in contact with him and isolated him for 14 days.In stage 3 you don't know the source.

 If we do not know the source, we cannot capture the source. Can not isolate it.No matter where that source will be and how many people will be inadvertently infected.

How will stage 3 be made?

450 people who came in contact with Sethji. As soon as the news of Sethji being positive spread, all his customers, maid maid, house neighbor, shop neighbor, milkman, utensil, chai wala… all ran to the hospital.
Everyone was 440 in total.10 people still not found.
Police and Health Department team are looking for him.
If any of those 10 entered any temple etc. then this virus will spread a lot.This is stage 3 where you don't know the source.
Stage 3 remedy14 day lockdownImpose curfew.Lock down the city for 14 days.Do not let anyone get out.

What will happen with this lockout ??

Every man is locked in the house.A man who has not come in contact with an infected person is safe.
The unknown source is also locked in his house. When he falls ill, he will arrive at the hospital. And we will come to know that this is the unknown source.

It is possible that this unknown source has infected 4 more people from their home, but the rest of the city survived.

If LOCKDOWN was not there. So that source does not hold. And he would have spread the corona among thousands of such people. Then these thousand unknown people would spread it among millions. That is why the entire city survived the lockdown and the unknown source was caught

What to do if stage 2 does not change to stage 3.Early lockdown means lockout before stage 3 arrives.This lockdown will be less than 14 days.

For example: Depart from sethji airport.They stripped the flag.Gave corona all over the house.Woke up in the morning and went to open shop.
(Awesome man, man! It's the season of the season, selling millions, how to close your shop)

But since there is lockout.So the police ran towards Sethji with a stick.Seeing the stick, Sethji ran away by hanging the shutter.Since the market is closed now.So not even 450 customers came.All survived.

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