WATCH THE CRAZY VIDEOS OF 9BJE-9MIN || Phenomenal response seems like Diwali ||

WATCH THE CRAZY VIDEOS OF 9BJE-9MIN || Phenomenal response seems like Diwali ||

India fights corona #9बजे9मिनट

Its like Diwali across India.. Surreal goosebumps feeling.. hats of to 
@narendramodi ji for uniting Indians like never before.. We will Defeat Corona.All Indians are United, We are Alert, We are following lockdown, We are Positive 

We will defeat Corona. This auspicious 9 mins were better than 5 days of Diwali....noise free, pollution free, full of life and connected with humanity.This night is so full of surprises. Someone shouted "Jai Jai Siya Ram" and all neighbourhood returned the call .. followed by "Har har mahadev" and "vande mataram". Nations mood is clear and libbi meltdown is real !
let's show the world in this tough times we all stand together and shows a unity and dignity We stand with our doctors, police and all the people who all are working to save us tirelessly Jai Hind Flag of India. This is our specialty our tradition our culture.India fights corona #9बजे9मिनट
Today India showed the power of unity, No religion / community or hatred should be allowed to dethrone our love for each other. Let’s pray to stand united during Corona virus in India, Together we can fight all the negativity that’s coming our way.In a video message on Friday, PM Modi made an appeal to the nation: "On April 5, Sunday, at 9 pm, I want 9 minutes from all of you.  This was his third address to the nation on coronavirus that has been spreading fast across the world and has infected over a million people, killed over 50,000. In India, the COVID-19 count has crossed the 3,000-mark on Saturday, with the number of deaths rising to 77.

This morning, he tweeted: "#9pm9minute". With just 10 odd days left for India's 21-day lockdown to come to an end, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged citizens earlier this week to switch off lights on Sunday, April 5, at 9 pm for 9 minutes. He urged citizens to switch off lights and instead use candles, torch,phone flashlights to “challenge the darkness” of the coronavirus outbreak. The solidarity appeal came amidst the rising numbers of Coronavirus cases in India which has crossed the mark of 3,000. 

After PM Modi‘s 9 am request to the nation on Friday, netizens are all geared up to light up candles and diyas on the night of April 5. As per Modi’s new address to the countrymen, people are expected to be present at their balconies, terraces or doors at 9 pm on Sunday to switch off the electricity and light up lamps and candles in an attempt to send out a message of collective unity when India fights coronavirus under lockdown. 


Now people have taken to Twitter to share their excitement over the PM’s new request. While some are rejoicing that they have received another task when there’s practically nothing to do except sitting inside homes, many also think that PM Modi has made a great decision to ensure unity and harmony. As netizens share memes, funny one-liners while reacting to the ‘9 baje 9 minute’ request, ‘Diwali’ trends on Twitter. 

In his address to the nation through a video message on Friday, Modi said, “This Sunday, 5th April we have to challenge the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to introduce it to the power of light.However, Modi's announcement set a wave of confusion on social media as many wondered if switching off lights also meant switching off appliances like refrigerators, computers, television and even fans. Another video started doing the rounds which claimed that if people across India switched off their lights, it would cause instability. 

Well, the official Twitter account of Ministry of Power has now put all these rumours to rest. In a series of tweets, the ministry clarified these rumours.  These apprehensions are misplaced.  #PoweringIndia #IndiaFightsCorona."
Meanwhile, some state electricity boards on Saturday (April 4) expressed concern that sudden mass power fluctuations, which will happen due to turning off of millions of lights at the same time , could lead to failure of power grid when the power surges.The Union Power Ministry, however, released a statement confirming that these fears are unfounded and the power grids will not face any issue.

DO'S :
  • Switch off lights in homes from 9 pm to 9.09 pm on the 5th of April 
  • Just main lights like tubelights and lamps
  • Switch off lights one-by-one in different rooms
  • Do NOT switch off the main switch in your house
  • Appliances like Computers, TVs, Fans, Refrigerators and ACs in homes don't need to be turned off
  • Do not step out of your house. Light a candle at your doorstep or in your balcony
  • Do not handle light candles or diyas after using high-alcohol content sanitisers
  • Switch on lights after a gap of few seconds between each light

There is no call to switch off street lights, computers or appliances such as TV sets, fans, refrigerators and air-conditioners in the homes, the government said. "Only lights should be switched off. Several state power boards have asked their workers to be on stand-by this evening with necessary back-up to handle the adverse impact, if any, during or after the voluntary blackout. 
In India, there are 3,374 confirmed cases including 77 deaths. The number of active cases is 3,030 and 267 have recovered as on April 5, 2020 at 9:00 am.

Millions of people across India turn off lights for nine minutes at 9 pm on Sunday (april 5) after Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Thursday (April 2) and urged Indians to stand together to "fight the darkness of coronavirus pandemic".

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