Watch out the Insane videos of people of 9bje9min || Becomes a NIGHTMARE

This night is so full of surprises. Fight against Corona Insane videos here.Must watch till the end. Surprise vs Shocked Videos of 9bje9min today
#9baje9mintues has become a huge trend in India. Somewhere people enjoyed this, whereas due to crackers, many places burned.
Someone twitted - Massive fire in a building in my neighborhood from bursting crackers for #9baje9mintues. Fire brigade just drove in. Hope everyone's safe. Why firecrackers? This virus results in a respiratory illness. Keep the air clean. Rallying national mood with a diya is gentle & morale boosting is fine. But crackers insult the fact that millions have been displaced, livelihoods are hit, doctors need PPE & many don't have food. People are bursting crackers. Just FYI . They dogs are freaking out. Do people think it’s Diwali? I’m so confused. View from our apartment.. Total black out, city of joy KOLKATA lighten up with diyaas... Fire crackers bursting across the city. Kudos to @narendramodi ji. No leader could create such electrifying environment amidst dullness created by a pandemic! #9PM9minute #9बजे9मिनट
Prime Minister twitted : lit a lamp after turning off all lights at his residence, joining the country in the drive to mark the fight against 
Responding to the call of  PM Narendra Modi during his Friday morning video address to the nation, people across India on Sunday lighted candles and diyas and switched off the lights for nine minutes at 9 pm to show their unity in the fight against COVID-19.

People could be seen standing on their balconies and verandas with candles, lanterns and diyas (earthen lamps) to show their unity in the fight against the disease.

While some opposition parties like the Congress and many of Modi critics had ridiculed the call of the Prime Minister, people by and large responded spontaneously and many burst firecrackers to pay their tribute to those in the front lines of fight against Covid-19.

From India's health minister Harsh Vardhan and home minister Amit Shah to Bollywood celebrities like Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, besides countless households across India, responded to the call of Modi.

The initiative is being held at a time when the nation is under 21-day lockdown to combat the infectious disease. 

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